About Us
  • Zhang Xiaopeng/Executive Director and President

    Mr. Zhang Xiaopeng takes charge of the overall operation and management of the medical group. He has made significant contribution to the company in terms of strategy formulation, business expansion and development, management and culture, talent cultivation. With deep understanding and practice of the industry and investment, as well as rich management experience, he leads the medical group to help its subsidiary hospitals make continuous improvement and achieve value promotion, so as to inject vigorous driving force for the stable growth of the Group's performance, which lays a solid foundation for the Group's long-term development.

    Mr. ZhangXiaopeng has been the deputy dean for medical treatment in Peking University Cancer Hospital, as well as the professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Medicine of Peking University. Mr. Zhang has accumulated rich experience in the aspects of hospital performance management, medical safety and quality improvement, market and brand strategy, and subject construction, etc. He is also a lecturer in the hospital management training project held by the Ministry of Public Health, Peking University and Chinese Hospital Association.

    Mr. Zhang Xiaopeng has over 30 years of clinical experience, and has worked in Peking University Cancer Hospital as a professor and department director. Earlier before that, he had worked in the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University and General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University, and studied in the Affiliated Hospital of Fujita Health University in Japan for one year.

    Mr. Zhang Xiaopeng acquired a bachelor's degree in Medicine in China Medical University in 1982, and obtained a doctor's degree in Medicine and Surgery in China Medical University in 1996.

  • Zang Chuanbo/Deputy General Manager

    Mr. Zang Chuanbo takes charge of the Group’s medical business management and development, and meantime gives assistance to the CEO. Before joining the Group, Mr. Zang Chuangbo worked in the Medical Department of Chinese PLA General Hospital Hainan Branch as the deputy director, and had been the director of the Postgraduates and Training Division as well as the vice director of the Cadres Office and Medical Division of Chinese PLA General Hospital.

    Mr. Zang Chuanbo obtained a EMBA degree in Nankai University, a master’s degree in General Surgery in Postgraduate School of Medicine (now referred to as Medical School of Chinese PLA), and a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medicine in Xi'an Medical University (now referred to as the School of Medicine of Xi’an Jiaotong University).

  • Zou Ran/Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Zou Ran takes charge of the Group’s Financing and Investment.  Mr. Zou has over 10 years working experience in  Financial Industry. He joined in the Group in June 2017.  He worked in KPMG in 2008-2010, and served as vice president of investment in Hony Capital in 2010-2017. He was responsible for HCCL listing since 2015.